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  1. Hello. I want to ask that the latest SB tool is only for Play Home or does it work for Honey Select too?
  2. It is great to hear about the support of your university! Studying in foreign countries is something privileged. I hope you will get a good job at home easily.

    Opening Unity either presents you a dialog where you can select an existing project or create a new one, or Unity editor opens directly e.g. with the last project you were editing. Make sure that you are using the correct version of Unity - it should match with the game's.

    Have a good journey back home, and all the best from my family and me!
  3. Thanks to the university admins who helped me during my health. Gave me deferrals and extension so I can recover and complete my studies.
    I visited Germany too, last month. Munich city. Love those centuries-old buildings. Poser and DAZ Studio I heard are great which something reminds me I want to ask are you well verse using the Unity tool? I have installed and dont know how to even start a project, which I will later thow some questions in mod-discussion. Now I am packing stuff and returning home country on Thursday.

  4. Hello Enimaroah,

    I hope you are well. I wonder what new projects you are doing since there is no much discussion posted in Mod-Discussion and HS modding activity is low as well.

    Just wanted to tell you I have completed my masters and returning home next week. I had a great fun going through the course. Not mention the research phase.

  5. Hi ramoram,

    that is good news indeed! The long pause made me uneasy. Thanks for telling me.

    Next week already? That sounds even better All the best to you!
  6. Hello, hope you are well.

    I had second transplant two weeks ago and no rejection nor infection found. Primary reason is body auto defence with lupus as a catalyst. They pumped me hard with drugs to go for second attempt. God it was painful. Hopefully next week I will continue my studies again...
  7. I translated the link you provided and I feel complete idiot because I don't understand such medical terms. Half of my family is coming this week. As I mentioned I am studying abroad and alone all by myself. Half of the members in my families are doctors so I think they will coordinate with doctors. I can not travel right now. Not in this conditions. But I have relative in Germany. I will see what do next.
  8. Currently am attached to the machine and doctors are having another meeting. It caused infection and internal bleeding. It was painful. Transplant is VERY costly and finding a donor is rare. Now they are determining whether it is the body that did not accept it or lupus is causing it.

    It will take another week to decide after some tests and I wanted to get off from this machine.
  9. Second semester is also clear with another merit position. Now I have entered in the final semester the research part. But I fear I am have to post-pond or leave my studies because I recently have a kidney transplant because of this lupus problem and it has rejected my body.
  10. I forgot to "Show-off" my work. Lolz
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